2005-2009: Reports while working at the office of Gehl Architects

Worldwide strategic guidance and programming for local authorities to improve public realm quality in city centers and residential areas.

Complete list of work at Gehl Architects:

2008-2009: Brief development for an international competition in Fredericia C, Realdania, DK
2008: Density study & public space plan, Hillerod Station, DK
2008: Urban regeneration strategies, Drottninghog, Helsingborg, Sweden
2007: Public realm strategies, East Wall, G5, Dublin, Ireland
2007: Public space plan, Icknield Port Loop, Birmingham, UK
2007: Urban regeneration strategies, Halmstad, Sweden
2007: Public realm strategies, workshop, Lübeck, Germany
2006: Urban framework for 130 ha new city area, Amwaj, Rabat, Morocco
2006: Urban realm strategies, Brighton & Hove Legibility study, UK
2006 Public realm strategies, Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY, USA
2005: New urban development, Meadows gateway, Nottingham, UK
2005: Harbour regeneration, Spitalfields, Sheffield, UK
2005: Implementation of New Road shared surface project, Brighton, UK
2005: Public space strategies, Garibaldi Repubblica & Varesine, Milan, Italy
2005: Site program for development of deprived housing area, Varbergparken, DK